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Last Update 13 June 2016

2016 © Pat Holland and Ian Ledward

Next up is the annual Alnmouth Art Festival over the weekend Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June.

Then the Pittenweem Arts Festival from Saturday 6 to Sunday 14 August with our preview on the evening of Friday 5.

Images from Northern India and Cuba will be featuring in our work along with local Landscapes.

Click here to see Ian’s latest ‘Mini Masters’ - sold out at Pittenweem last year!

“The camera never lies but the direction you point it in determines the amount of truth it tells.”

Jointly hosting One Mid Shore Pittenweem and Gifford Farm

For those Fife foodies of you who haven’t already been, our favourite restaurant in Fife is the Little Venice in Cupar’s ancient and historic Sun Close. There are several of Ian’s Venice pictures on display to add to the theme of owner Monty Roberts favourite city.